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Wed, Jun 6, 2018 11:11 AM

Arabic variable fonts support in adobe apps in general

The latest adobe apps that support variable fonts doesn't support Arabic as the letters takes the isolated form without the basic Arabic features like initial, medial and final and so on  

Is there any intention to support Arabic in the future ?

Here is the link of the original post I posted in adobe forums


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2 years ago

Howdy Abody,

When we first released variable fonts, there were none that had Arabic glyphs in them.  Now, there are a few and the results are mixed -- on Mac, Markazi works just fine, but not so always on Windows.  Noto Sans Arabic is problematic on both platforms.  If you have additional variable fonts with Arabic glyphs, please share and I'll test them too.  I have opened a bug on this issue and hopefully we'll get this resolved soon.