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Sun, Nov 10, 2019 7:58 PM

Anyone have this Photoshop bug: bright colored artifacts appear for no apparent reason

CC 20.0.0 on mac OS 10.12.6.

ps seems to be creating artifacts in some images. They change in appearance depending on different save settings. (for example, saving a tiff file with/without compression)

In photoshop itself, the patterns suddenly turn on in select files when viewing at or above 63.8%. This bakes into the file save, changing slightly in appearance according to different save parameters.


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a year ago

Hey Jill,
there was another report this week about artifacts. Have you tried to see if they persist after a full reboot of your Mac? I had artifacts appear in my files earlier this year and it also seemed as if they get baked into the file but after a reboot and maybe also a GPU driver reinstall (I don't fully recall) the artifacts disappeared. Maybe try this first if you haven't already.
You could also upload one of your files to see if other people see the artifacts.



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a year ago

Hi Jill,
We're sorry you're seeing artifacts in Ps 20.0.0.  Can you upgrade to Photoshop CC 20.0.7?

If you are still seeing the issue in 20.0.7, can you try enabling Preferences -> Performance -> Legacy Compositing?

Please let us know if the upgrade or Legacy Compositing resolve the artifact issue.  Thanks!