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Wed, Mar 31, 2021 3:10 PM


Hi There 

I'm new to the adobe suite, but having viewed some YouTube videos I decided that I should be able to do what I needed within it and purchased it. Except, some the features(changing to pixel size in the custom crop menu have changed since the making of these YouTube videos. Essentially, I have hundreds of images being sent to me from our suppliers to use for our new website. I need to get all the images into a 800x800(Main Images) & 50x50(thumbnails) pixel square format and about  250KB's for the larger of the two options.

I see in Adobe Bridge I can batch resize. The only and main issue I have is when I receive images that are in landscape or portrait shapes that when I specify 800x800 as the pixel size then I will get a return of 800x500 pixels for example. I've looked for solutions within the cropping options and possibly with changing the canvas size where images within the rectangular shape are close the the edge, but haven't quite managed to get this nailed and certainly not in a batch format. Can you suggest a route in the latest version of Adobe Bridge/Photoshop that I can do this a painlessly as possible. You advise would be hugely appreciated.


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