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Thu, Apr 19, 2018 4:04 AM

Alt-click for eyedropper, activate another window space.

Hi, I have some trouble with eyedropper features.


I usually using alt-click for sampling colors from another window.


But after renew my working system (AMD Ryzen, 16g ram, Radeon Graphics, windows 10 pro)


Every time I try to pick up the colors, it changes the current working window spaces.


Please look at the images below. Usually, I pick up the colors from 'window 1' by alt-clicking, (in this steps, my current working window is 'no.2')


after that, still, 'window 2' is my 'current window'. changed nothing.


But now, after picking up colors, a current window has changed into no 1 window!


I check up all the preferences and tools options, but I don't know why.


I'm sorry to this is hard to explain clearly, but if anyone who knows about this, please help me. thank you.



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2 years ago


Something isn't quite right here.  ALT+click with the Eye Dropper tool active _*should*_ set your Background color on both Win and Mac.  That hasn't changed in a long time, either.

If you have the Brush or Pencil or Gradient tool active and press ALT, then your tool will temporarily become the Eye Dropper tool (as long as you keep holding down ALT).  Clicking in any visible document will sample the colors from that location.

But in both cases, I have the Layers panel visible and I'm not switching which window has focus. 

Finally, those screenshots look like they're from Mac, not Windows, but you mentioned that you're on Win10 -- could you verify that?  Are you running Photoshop over a VPN?