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Sat, Oct 21, 2017 10:07 PM


Alt key behavior change in CC2018

The alt key has had it is behavior changed in CC2018 and this is disrupting a lot of people's workflow. I doubt this change was intentional.

Now if you hold the alt key, it focus on the application menus (File, edit, ...) instead of listening for the rest of the shortcut. So if you want to use any alt related shortcuts, you need to hit the rest of the keys twice without letting go of alt - once to clear the focus on the menus, the second one for the shortcut to actually work.

Related and very popular shorts disrupted by this change are ctrl+alt+Z, or alt+backspace (and alt+shift+Backspace).
If you start the shortcut with ctrl, alt behaves properly; It you start the shortcut with alt, the problem occurs. Setting commands to wacom tablet's shortcut keys also seems to be triggering the bad key behaviour and breaking a lot of setups out there.

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3 years ago

Yes, it's happening to me too. Extremely annoying, specially with Alt+delete (or alt+backspace), since there's no way around it (other than hitting the second key twice everytime).

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3 years ago

Same here with blending modes shortcuts, and using the other ALT key (suggested in the thread of the link above) doesn't seem to work either.

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3 years ago

Lot of my friends have the same issue but incorrect behaviour has only left ALT, right ALT works correct.