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Wed, May 29, 2019 4:26 PM


Allow Photoshop Access to Device Camera

Context: I use photoshop primarily for illustration. 

Allow a camera viewer inside Photoshop. You can sketch on paper, open the camera within photoshop and take a photo directly into your project using your computers front or back facing camera. 

Avoids having to take photos using your phone>emailing it to yourself>opening up the image into photoshop. Avoids scanners altogether. 

Maybe you want to make a quick idea sketch of your space. Use camera viewer to take a photo of your room, directly into photoshop. Sketch on top of it. Again, cutting out middle step of taking a photo with your phone/camera and uploading the image to your computer and then to photoshop. 

Good for all projects/jobs that don't rely on quality photographs. 


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a year ago

or just sketch it directly into photoshop or illustrator 



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a year ago

i can see that this would definitely be useful, but can imagine how difficult it would be from a programming perspective.