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Fri, Aug 3, 2018 3:22 AM


adobe photoshop custom shape idea for music

In regards to the adobe photoshop program, I have an idea for a new custom shape in music.  I like the sharp symbol, quarter note symbol, treble clef symbol, etc but I think it would really help to add a custom shape that would be 5 evenly spaced horizontal lines, so a music clef could easily be created... This way, one doesn't have to make sure the lines are evenly spaced out and measure spaces inbetween 4 lines using four different shapes just to make one shape...So the new custom shape would be like this:



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2 years ago

Hi Adria,

Have you thought of making your own line custom shape for music? I've tried to find one for you but wasn't able to.

There are many tutorials on YouTube how to make custom shapes for example ones like this:

Or you could make a custom brush with lines like you illustrated above.

To do this create a new layer and draw straight lines, by selecting the Brush Tool using a small round hard brush, set the foreground colour to black and hold the Shift key while you draw to lock the line straight. You do this multiple times to create your lines for music and once you've done that go to Edit, Define Brush Preset, name your brush. 

Make sure you save your brush, by going into Edit, Presets, Preset Manager. Find the brush you made, click on it and save it to your files. That way, you will always have your music lines brush handy for your work.

Hope this helps.