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Sat, Oct 17, 2020 3:56 PM

Adobe Photoshop 21.0-21.2.4: Brush resizing using Alt+right klick not working properly in liquify window

Dear Adobe folks,


I'm having problems with resizing my brush in the liquify window since Photoshop v21.0. I tried all the versions including the latest 21.2.4 and it's happening everywhere. It's working in Photoshop v20 and earlier though.


When I press alt+right click to resize my brush with preview, nothing happens. If I hold the key combination a little longer, after a second or so it starts to resize. But it does not work smooth. In older versions I could easily resize and that function worked without lag. Since I use it really often it's painful to me because I can't work without getting lags all the time.


THis happens also when using my wacom device.


Please try for yourself and you may experience this bug, too. I've seen some people complaining about this in the forums.


Additional Info:

Windows 10

AMD Threadripper 3970X


Geforce GTX 1080 with nvidia studio driver and also tested with game ready driver of latest versions.

Photoshop Versions: 21.0 to 21.2.4

Wacom Intuos Pro Medium with Pro Pen 2


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