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Fri, Sep 2, 2016 2:51 AM


about PS CC memory release problem

Hello everyone!

before, I love PS program really!

but I have a big problem about this program...

that is.. the memory release problem.

I saw official answer that it's not bug(memory leaks) and PS program is designed like that for high performance working.

but i don't think so. it's biggest obstacle in my work.

 1. I'm working with 30~40mb PSD files.

 2. first loading time is 2sec.

 3. close document -> memory remains.

 4. second loading time is 1sec. (memory remaining is just for 1sec)

 5. another PSD file loading -> memory remains.(stack)

 6. repeat.. repeat..

 7. memory full -> program crash!

and another solution was using 'purge' menu.

but it still uncomfortable because added "purge all" menu on my work process.

when I forgot 'purge all', program crash!

so.. I want make a proposition...

 1. make preferences option about "release memory when file close"

 2. when memory is full, release memory that closed file before.

 3. flush memory periodically.



My system is Win7, 16Gb ram and currently using 7 cache level, 1024K tile size.


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4 years ago

Chang. Any chance were you using select and mask. I notice that when I'm in select and mask my memory usage triples to 3g or more on small file, <10k

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4 years ago

What size is your scratch disk?

Bob Frost

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2tb free. So I don't think it's that.