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Fri, May 22, 2020 6:08 PM


Ability to rename steps in an action

It would be very helpful to my workflow to be able to rename steps in an action so I can for instance have a number of different default curve settings recorded that I can toggle on and off and be able to know what i'm toggling on and off by the name of the step. As it is now, I just end up with a bunch of curves one after another and need to remember which is which or expand the item to see the details. Simply being able to perhaps right click on the step to rename would be really swell.


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1 y ago

I'm not sure if I understand your post. Are you talking about the ability to rename the individual Actions steps? - just double click on the name of the step you want to rename and re-name away.

Or, you can simply include naming your curve as a Step in your Action and then select the Toggle dialog on/off next to it, which will allow you to name the curve 'on the fly' next time you play the Action.

Try Insert Stop from Action Palate Menu which could be very helpful in your scenario as well.

There are many other very useful options in the Action Palate Menu for you to consider.
It pays to learn everything about the tool you suggest to improve. In a lot of cases the 'improvement' you're asking for, already exists by default :)

Good luck!