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Wed, Jul 22, 2020 7:12 PM

3D spherical panorama: image darkens, patch tool/content aware don't work

Two issues with 3D spherical panoramas. These issues occur with tif file open in PS, going to 3D menu: spherical panorama: new panorama layer from selected layer.

My Mac specs

Content aware fill is grayed out; both before and after making selection with lasso tool. Also, patch tool doesn't work, in both "normal" and "content aware" modes. I can draw around an object with patch tool, but when I drag away from object to get sample, and let go, nothing happens. In this thread another user confirmed that those tools do work for him with panorama/spherical layers.

I just updated to PS 21.2.1 release, hoping that might solve the issue. It didn't and now I see a new issue; when I create new pano layer from selected layer under 3D menu, my image immediately gets much darker; without doing anything other than create new pano layer. See attached photos (lighter image is after opening in PS; darker image is after going to 3D: spherical panorama: new panorama layer from selected layer.


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