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Fri, Dec 15, 2017 12:51 PM


2018' Awesome Art Brushes for painting in Adobe Photoshop! HISTORY of Creation and Resource

Hi, Friends!

I would like to share with Adobe Team and Photoshop users community, with my

great brush collection for Art Painting.

Great pack with a hundred of art tools, had been invented by me.

The history is going far to 2008 when I first started to experiment with Photoshop brushes to get something for painting.

Being loyal with Photoshop application since CS1 and also being highrated CG expert, I had reached desired effects. At the same time, while working on "Photoshop Brush Collection of my dream". I had figured few simple steps which could improve brush potential, and at the same time could guarantee "back-compatibility" of old version brushes. (just by extended brush dymamics options which could just be off when loading old generation brushes.)

At that step I've noticed that it's the main problem to contact anybody from Adobe. Looks like its The most closed community in the world.

Having no opportunity to talk about my experience, I continued to work under current brush engine. Some expert tricks with setting and my High qualification in CG, let me to reach great results nonetheless.

Today for about 10 years of experiment and working on, I have 90% satisfaction with "brush set of my dream".

Yes, It is available for sale for everyone:

Some solutions in this collection are true masterpiece, and could let Photoshop armed with this brushes, still to beat other most modern computer painting apps on any platforms.

I just ask only few questions:

1) Why Adobe is still keeping dumb, ignoring my experience and resourses. As I understand the situation, my brush set could support Photoshop in its competition on market as painting app. Everything says that it's mutual. Adobe will get power of years of work and experience at once, And I need to promote at official Adobe audience.

2). My old dream was to be attached to official Adobe Photoshop community, What is the problem of talking about co-operation. What we are still waiting for?

Day by day I'm forced to go to another platform. I really do not want to fight on the "other side" with Photoshop, because I love Photoshop, but my individual promotion can not be compared with those companies who do not want to lose chances.

I still keeping hope, I could be heard.

Thank you, everybody!


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