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Sat, May 18, 2019 2:04 AM

20.0.4 has broken the Liquify Tool again - AIF error is back

on Win 7 PC  and use liquify a lot for manipulating faces in portraits.  Latest 20.0.4 update gives me the error that was present in another previous version.  The error wont go away.  I did a clean install of the latest nvidia drivers and still present.  Only way to stop the error is to uncheck use GPU... which defeats the purpose because then I cannot use the face aware tools in liquify.  

Downgrading back to 20.0.3 works fine.  I'll stay here for a while.  


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2 y ago

I for one am sorry to read about this. I do not use the tool that often, but it is working for me with V20.4 something. I am having my issues with PS, like [copy] [paste] is messed up and my presets keep going away. That is for starters. Don't give up, some one, maybe Adobe, will come to all of our rescues, but if something doesn't get done, good bye Photoshop. If those survey things pop-up if you close the application, fill it out, they are read. Good Luck!