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Wed, May 22, 2019 9:28 PM


PS for Android

Am I the only one who wants a decent PhotoShop app for Android? I don't get why the iPad is getting one but not Android. I use CS6 on my Mac, but id love to carry over my work on mobile. PLEASE

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2 years ago

I want ALL the Adobe print apps to be on mobile. And I'd prefer Android over iOS. Adobe is supposedly working on this with Apple, and then who knows if we'll ever see it on Android. C'mon, Adobe - bring it!

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2 years ago

From what I can tell, they always make Mac users the guinea pigs for their mobile apps first. Maybe it's easier for them to work out the kinks on the Mac, and then they can quickly port to Android if it has the power to run it. But Android always seems to have to wait for Mac users to be their first run.

Look at it this way. We Mac folk may get it sooner, but we are the ones more likely to crash and burn until they figure it all out by using us. <BG>

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8 months ago

Frustrating to see multiple ads for photoshop on tablet all day and then once unable to find it in the app store, find out it is only for iPad. Huge ad campaign, only for a select few..