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Sun, Feb 16, 2020 1:37 PM

Photoshop Mobile: When is Select & Mask coming to iPad?

Adobe, what is happening? I understand that you can’t squeeze 25 years of Photoshop’s evolution in a v1.0 release, but you are not a small independent developer. You made over 11 billion dollars last year alone... You showed us Select and Mask in Photoshop on iPad at Adobe Max last year, it still isn’t on the iPad. There are so many features missing!! The current feature set of the Photoshop on the iPad is literally in many ways less advanced than the CS2 release. We don’t expect every feature, but the basics like canvas rotation and shapes, SHAPES... 

Please hurry up a little bit with those updates. :)

I dont like to name names, but a small company called Affinity made a photo editing app on the iPad witch can rival your desktop app in many areas, in just two years.
You’ve been working on Photoshop for iPad for 5 years already. 
And let’s not mention the price differences between you two.

We are waiting!!! 


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