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Mon, Nov 11, 2019 10:40 AM

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Photoshop Mobile: Text auto-capitalisation bug

When editing an existing text layer, Photoshop automatically capitalises the first letter of the first word — regardless of where it appears, and regardless of the the Shift and/or Caps lock status.

To replicate:

  • Add a text layer
  • Enter text
  • Edit the text layer
  • Enter text (capitalisation is enforced)
This can get very tedious when you’re editing large blocks of text.


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a year ago

Hi Nick,

I'm trying to make sure I'm understanding you.  Are you referring to the iOS standard of capitalizing the first character in a sentence in English?  That's not something Photoshop controls -- it's an OS standard.

I ask, because other than that, I'm not seeing any behavior like what you describe.  Sure, I get SHIFT on at the beginning of a new sentence, but this is an iOS standard for English and you can disable it by pressing SHIFT.