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Thu, Nov 21, 2019 3:19 PM

Photoshop Mobile: Ordering of commands is confusing

The way that commands are ordered and organizes is confusing. Invert is in a different place than mask controls, there is a copy mask, but not a paste mask... the UI is rather confusing on the right hand side. The left side makes much more sense, but I’m very confused about where commands are, even after reading the documentation. It isn’t intuitive.


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2 y ago

I agree. I don't know whether they will move things about even more, but certainly mask commands are all over the place.

Glad you found Invert, though. My email is from earlier and you didn't think the command was there. Neither did I at first. Persistent searching was the only way, which indicates to me a bit more work needs to be done with masking features. I keep hoping for a context-sensitive options bar, not that thing that appears all too rarely (such as with Select) so we're not having to search menus all the time for our options.