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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 4:29 PM


Photoshop Mobile: Not enough keyboard shortcuts for painter

I’m an artist so I use many keyboard shortcuts for painting. But Ps for Ipad Pro does not have enough. For example:- Holding shift for moving straight.- Cmd for picking color while using Brush.- Cmd+del & Ctrl+del DO NOT work to fill color.- Cmd for minus selected area while using Lasso tool....I feel very uncomfortable to move hand from keyboard to screen to use the touch circle so often. I have a keyboard with 2 shift & 2 cmd keys, but am FORCED to use that touch circle. Why??!!!!!!




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1 y ago

Thanks for the feedback and request for additional shortcuts.

command + backspace/delete will fill with foreground color
option + backspace/delete will fill with background color
You can use the keyboard shortcut to switch from brush to eyedropper vs holding option key to sample color while painting. B for Brush and I for eyedropper

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1 y ago

+1 - Yes, "hold shift" for a straight line!  Would really like this, just like you have in regular Photoshop

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1 y ago

Also these essentials are missing

R for Rotating (when rotation of canvas is finally added)
SPACE for panning canvas
ALT for color picker
CONTROL+ALT for brush size

Edit. and CONTROL+ALT+COMMAND for color palette would be a good addition also for many painters.