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Thu, Nov 5, 2020 10:39 AM

Photoshop mobile for Android Tablets

Hi there, 

i am using products from Adobe on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+.

This tablet and nearly all Android tablets in the last 5 Years, have enough power to perform a Photoshop App on it.

Unfortunately there is only Photoshop Express for Android aviable

This version is not good enough for high end photography. 

Is there a plan to development of Photoshop mobile for Android tablets?

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8 m ago

Currently on android there is a few different apps but non of them compare to the photoshop avalible on the ios devices. The iPad has a somewhat full version of Photoshop and this would be great for andoirds as well. Especially for the tablets and editing on the go. Is there any plans to bring this out. Thank you.

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