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Tue, Jan 14, 2020 4:24 AM

Photoshop Mobile: Feedback

PS for iOS has menu item for giving feedback. Definitely not what it does and providing actual feedback even here in this forum is impossible unless user starts out with some other intention. There is so much wrong right now with PS for iOS that I could sum up in 1 sentence: DO AN ACTUAL BETA AND MEET PRE-RELEASE STANDARDS before releasing for real. This 1st release is unusable for us: Apple pencil lags, Fitt’s law breakers all over the place, and it just seems as if the UX on it was not truly designed by someone with real UX bg. Call me when you have something usable. This here that you released so far (1/13/2020) is useless to us. Going back to ProCr. Please get sht together.


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