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Wed, Jan 8, 2020 12:10 AM

Photoshop Mobile: Brush not working with pen or finger

I can't paint with either my pen or my finger. If I press REALLY Hard on the pen, it will make a line. Also, when I make the layer larger, it does not draw, it just moves with my pen or finger. It worked better earlier. I have latest iPadOS on the original iPad Pro and the original Apple pencil


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9 months ago

Hi Joey, 

Sorry about the trouble working with Photoshop on your iPad.

Regarding painting with your Finger, if you're outside of a document, and you goto the App Settings (Gear) > Input -- Is "Stylus Only Painting" enabled?

Regarding pressing hard before a line shows - Which brush are you working with?
Double-tap the brush icon to get different brush options, do you have the same difficulty painting with a simple Hard Round or Soft Round brush?

Will probably need more info around the enlarged layer moving around issue. Can you provide anymore detail on that? or perhaps a screenrecording?