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Tue, Nov 5, 2019 3:48 AM


Photoshop Mobile: Apple Pencil / Stylus Customization

One of my favorite options to setup in drawing apps is setting the double-tap on my Apple Pencil to select the eraser. I’m sure other customizations could come in handy as well. If possible, I think this would be a great feature!


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2 y ago

Would be even better that the double tap invert the colors when working on layer, it is more convenient than using the virtual button...

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2 y ago

Yes maybe give the double-tap a customizable shortcut by the user. So it could be different for each of us

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2 y ago

THIS! I’ve gotten so used to double tapping my pencil to switch to the eraser that I do it on real life pencils. But yeah to others’ points, give options. I’d recommend them looking at Procreate’s options and mirroring those.

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6 m ago

yes, it's very unfriendly to tap with two fingers to unredo! the screen always get dirty, it's stupid according to me