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Thu, Oct 4, 2012 4:11 PM

PS Express: How to edit photos using PS Express Editor?

In adobe photoshop express editor, the picture display is very very small, and cannot be editor in full screen mode, so how can we edit photo i.e. adding text etc in the small preview such that. Thanks


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8 years ago


I dint quite understand your problem. I think your photo occupies a good enough space of the express editor, especially in full screen mode.

Can you please elaborate on what is the issue?


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Allow me to elaborate: How do you put text into pictures? I do not see an option for this what-so-ever. I only see options for effects. There is no text option. ??? If anyone could help before I decide to discard the ap.
                                       Tone, S

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7 years ago

You can easily edit photos in Photoshop Express editor.
Most of the time the effects and edits are applied on the complete image and you dont have to edit on a portion of an image (as you do in photoshop), size of the screen is sufficient for the edits.