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Thu, Feb 14, 2019 5:25 PM

Photoshop Express- feature missing? (Auto Fix?)

I have used Photoshop Express for years. Whenever I open an image from my mobile device it would automatically apply a filter which sharpened my images, colour corrected and improved the image.

My App automatically updated overnight and now when I open an image this filter is no longer being applied?

Can anyone please advise how to reactivate this feature? I’ve tried the magic wand icon but it’s not offering the same corrections to my images.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what the feature was or what it was called as it always used to automatically apply to an image. Possible Auto Fix or Auto Correct?


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2 years ago


To enable Auto-enhance on launch, please go to App Settings -> Preferences ->Enable Auto-Enhance.

There is some issue due to which some of filters are not working after update. Please uninstall and reinstall the app. It should fix the issue.