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Thu, Dec 21, 2017 8:55 PM

Photoshop Express app on iOS ‘Pop Effect’ is inconsistent

The Photoshop Express app on iOS ‘Pop Effect’ is a very cool feature! However, it is inconsistent or not the same between the ‘Edit Image’ and ‘Make Collage’ sections. In ‘Make Collage’ it works great! You just hit the ‘Effects’ icon and select ‘Pop Color’ and it does an amazingly awesome job. But in ‘Edit Images’, when you hit the ‘Pop Color’ effect, it is sorted by color options (i.e. orange, aqua, purple, yellow, RGB) and I have to say that the results when using these do not look anywhere near as good as the results from the ‘Pop Effect’ in the ‘Make Collage’ section. Would it therefore be possible to have the ‘Pop Effect’ be consistent, or the same between the ‘Make Collage’ and ‘Edit Images’ sections?


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2 years ago

The pop effect you want to use that totally depends on the router. If your router not properly work then you were not able to use the pop effect. I have also faced the same problem while I am doing this and it's really hard to Solve Netgear Router Password Issues but at last, I got the proper solution regarding this.