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Sun, Sep 23, 2018 10:13 PM

Original image files won’t open in PS Express app (iPad)

Hi folks,

The PS Express app has been working brilliantly on my iPad until I noticed today that I cannot load originals (RAW or jpeg) from camera roll.

App has been deleted then reinstalled, so is the most up to date. No iOS updates at present.

I can load the original image of my choice into Lightroom CC then ‘open in Ps Express’ however this shouldn’t be the way I have to do it.

See screenshot below.



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2 years ago

Same with me for months now. I try to instal PS Express from time to time to edit my RAWs on the go from Fuji just to get this message. Apple own Photos can edit this files, as well as Adobe’s Lightroom CC for iPad. I don’t see a reason why PS Express is in AppStore, really.