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Sat, Apr 6, 2019 12:56 PM

upgrade question (pse 11 to pse 2019)

I've dabbled with PSE 11 in Windows 7. I finally upgraded to a Win10 computer and would like to use PSE a lot more so figured I should upgrade to PSE 2019. My question is this... Is it fairly straightforward to migrate all of my settings, labels, etc. from my PSE11 into PSE 2019? Any advice to make this transition safe and smooth as possible? Thank you!


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2 y ago

I use Win 10 and have used various versions of PSE for the last several years. It migrates from version to version very easily and effectively.



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2 y ago

You have to create a full backup and to restore on the new computer. The conversion of the catalogs to the new format is automatic after the restore.