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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 7:20 AM


Re-index and re-import skipped folders/photos

I want a way to force Organizer to re-inventory and re-import previously skipped images?


When I launch Organizer, it usually prompts me to import new content it finds in my Watched Folders. In the past, I've sometimes cancelled that prompt, assuming that it would come again next time. As it turns out, it doesn't, and photos I've skipped are never imported. 


I would really like Organizer to go over the folders again and offer to import anything that's not in the Catalog. 


Of course, I can manually import the missing content, but that defeats the whole purpose of the Watched Folders. And I've also found that I can force Organizer to re-import by changing filenames, but that would either require me to know which photos are missing, or to rename them all, making Organizer re-import all, undoing all the tagging (geo and people) I've done.


To solve my current issue, I've drag-and-dropped the content of all recent folders into Organizer, and Organizer neatly skipped the files that were already in the catalog. But that method still requires me to be aware of which folders have changed/added content.


So that's why I need a feature in Organizer to force it to go over previously skipped content, and re-import it.


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