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Sat, Aug 26, 2017 7:31 PM

Refusal to save

How to deal with error message when saving edited picture. Says "could not save because not enough memory/RAM. Try sving without optimization or as baseline JPEG. What does that mean


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3 years ago

You haven't given your Windows operating system version or Photoshop version.  

Sounds like a straight message.   Do what it says.  Save in JPG.  Or - if it's a RAW file from a camera it needs to be converted to TIFF.   Having Photoshop assumes you have the capacity to know what to do.  It's a simple message with an explanation.   Your file is too big to be submitted to memory or you have a RAW file that's depleting your memory.   A JPG file will compress the file.  But once compressed you won't be able to size it larger and it will be difficult to edit being a small file.   You need to know your file formats.   I know a company that wrote them plainly to see.   Check out this page a complete formats list

Steve Lehman, MCSE Windows engineer for Adobe   

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3 years ago

What Steve says above is 100% correct.  One side bar, whenever I get weird messages, I always reboot before I do anything else.  Of course you will loose all the work you put into it.  Windows sometimes does not open correctly when it boots.