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Sun, Oct 2, 2011 2:58 PM


Photoshop Elements: Wrong name format for a new sub-folder

Dear Sirs, I selected the sub folder name for a new folder in following format: Aufnahmedatum (jjjj mm tt). The problem is, that a new subfolder is created in the format jjjj tt mm! It worked with Elemts 9 and earlier releases well. I use Windows XP (German) and Photoshop Elements 10 (German).

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9 years ago

I'm afraid that I don't have the German version. I assume that jjjj is for year, that mm is still month, and that tt is day. So, translated to U.S., you are choosing (yyyy mm dd) but getting yyyy dd mm.

Can you provide a couple screen shots? Just want to verify your settings for testing on our side.

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9 years ago

On my server the desired screen shots. The file "Target-Directory" shows the import-directory before importing an image. The file "Settings" shows the import settings (yyyy = yyyy, mm = mm, dd = dd) and the file "Filename" shows the result. The file name should be: 2011-11-01, but is actually 2011-01-11 and this is wrong!



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9 years ago

I reported the same problem here for Windows 7 x64 (German):

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9 years ago

Same problem with Elements 10 FRENCH (windows 7 64 bits).
Very bad, folders not sorted by dates !!!!