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Tue, Sep 13, 2011 5:13 PM

Photoshop Elements: Trouble with finding Black and white Curves

In trying to correct a faded photo, instructions were to go to Layer/ New Adjustment layer/Curves.......I can not find curves ?? Where is it?

I am using photoshop elements 9

Thank you


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9 years ago

Photoshop elements 9 doesn't have curves adjustment layers, you're probably reading a tutorial for the full photoshop. You might use a levels adjustment layer instead and a google search for photoshop levels will turn up a myriad of pages.

Elements does have a simplified curves adjustment under Enhance>Adjust Color>Adjust Color Curves. For more control over curves you can use SmartCurve (windows only and not an adjustment layer) or for both mac and windows Grant's Tools (the version for elements 8 works in pse 9 and again not an adjustment layer)