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Mon, Jul 11, 2011 12:32 PM

Photoshop Elements: Trouble sharing albums

I've been having troubles sharing the albums I've created in Elements (version 7.0). I go through all the steps and the email doesn't go out with the link to the photos and the respective albums aren't showing up on my gallery on About two months ago I reloaded the software and it started working again and sent out emails on several albums I had created over the last year that were virtually 'stuck' somewhere. I need to figure out what is causing the hang up as I'd rather not have to keep reloading the software everytime I want to create an album. I've created two albums that are stuck somewhere again. Anyone have any suggestions on what I should be doing differently?

I'm also finding the software isn't keeping the contact info that I build into the program for album sharing. I have to reenter the names and email addresses everytime I'm trying to share a new album. That is frustrating and time consuming. Any thoughts here as well?



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9 years ago

It sounds like we've got a mix here. Photoshop Elements can email your images OR upload them to (it cannot do both at once, you have to do them separately). It also lacks a function of emailing the links to your Albums, only has that function. So, please, provide step-by-step instructions (what buttons you are clicking, what menu items you are using, etc) and let us know where the process is breaking down. I can't think of any reason reinstalling Photoshop Elements would help with the issues you've described, so I would not recommend it.

As for the contact information, do you use an email client on your computer (e.g. Microsoft Outlook)? Photoshop Elements will automatically load the contacts from your client. If there is corrupt data in the client contact book, it could be causing issues with your PSE contact book. I'd suggest exporting your contact book from the client, deleting your contacts, and then reimporting your contacts into both the client and PSE.