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Wed, May 18, 2011 7:18 AM

Photoshop Elements: Photo Downloader dialog won't display Advanced Options in PSE 9 (on smaller screens) as it did in PSE 8

I am using the same notebook computer for PSE V9 as I did when I was running V8. With V8 the photo downloader would open in either 'Standard' or "Advanced Dialogue". IN V9 it will only open in the 'Standard" form! When using the Photo downloader in V8, the screen was a little crowded but I moved the Windows Taskbar to the side of the screen and this gave me more vertical Space. If I connect my notebook to a larger screen then V9 works fine offering both Standard and advanced forms in V9.

My notebook is a Sony S series 2.13 GHZ with 4MB memory, 13in screen with a max resolution of 1366X 768@ 90 ppi. My bigger screen is a 24in Samsung with a resolution of 1920x1080. Is there anything Adobe can do to fix this problem with V9?


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9 years ago

In PSE 9 I am unable to activate the 'Advanced Dialogue' download box. Is an uninstall-re-install the only solution?

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PSE 9 Download Problem.