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Thu, Jan 26, 2012 7:33 PM

Photoshop Elements: Keywords and structure didn't transfer when upgrading from PSE9-10

I really looked forward to upgrade my PE 9 to PE10. Bu I was really disappointed that most of may 13000 tags disapeared, as did also the structure of my categories/subcategories and keywords. It shoud be easy to make an update that kept my personal preferences from a earlier version.


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9 years ago

Hi Anfinn,

I would suggest you doing the following-

1. Launch Organizer 9 with your catalog and take catalog backup by clicking File >> Backup Catalog
Remember the location of the folder on disk, where you take this backup

2. Close Organizer 9 and launch Organizer 10. Restore your EO9 Catalog by clicking File >> Restore Catalog an locating you backed up EO9 catalog. A .tly file will be there in this folder.

Complete catalog restore and then check if your EO9 tags are restored or not.

Hope that would help.




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9 years ago

Are you converting the catalog in PSE 10?

- Ankur