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Fri, Aug 19, 2011 6:36 AM

Photoshop Elements: Error 1935 during install

I've tried to install my Photoshop Elements 9 twice so far, and both times I've been given an error message 1935. I've seen a couple of different solutions but I don't trust any of them. I can't believe I just paid $100 for something that won't even freaking install! I'm going to try installing it on my husband's computer next but if it doesn't work I may just return it. No software is worth this!


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9 years ago

Perhaps the steps you saw to fix this issue were here:

Probably doubtful on the second solution. That's perfectly normal to be wary of modifying the registry (you shouldn't be concerned with installing updates though). That is why we always recommend backing up the registry before making any changes. That way you can always restore to what you had before troubleshooting.

Likely you were able to install the application on your husbands computer without issue