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Mon, Dec 5, 2011 3:49 AM

Photoshop Elements: A list of changes needed in Photoshop Elements 10 Organizer for Mac

1) Need to be able to export from the organizer similar to the Windows version. I shoot in RAW mostly. I need to be able to easily export my photos to different formats and resolutions.

2) Better support for scrolling with the Apple Trackpad and Magic Mouse. Users of these are accustomed to smooth, natural scrolling. Using these in the PSE Organizer is futile. It is very difficult to scroll through images when you are previewing them as you can't easily move to the next image with a scroll gesture - frequently a short scroll gesture results in scrolling five or more photos away. And the scrolling in thumbnail view should be smooth, not stuttering. Sometimes I'll perform a throwing gesture to scroll and the organizer will stutter through the scrolling for several moments before the UI will respond to further clicking or scrolling.

3) Performance improvements. As a user of iPhoto and Picasa, I can say that PSE Organizer is easily the slowest of the bunch when scrolling through thumbnails and opening previews. But this also applies to other operations such as using photo fix tools.

4) How to close the preview isn't obvious. And the generic back and forward navigation buttons are similarly not intuitive. I don't think of my session in Organizer as a linear timeline like a browser session. Text labels inside the button indicating what I'm going back or forward to would help. Additionally, if using the keyboard to navigate (as I've resorted to since trackpad scrolling is so painful) having a key to exit preview would be handy. Might I suggest the escape key? Or perhaps I haven't found the key that does work?

5) As mentioned before, I shoot in RAW. I also frequently shoot with JPEG previews. Both iPhoto and even my iPad stack the RAW and JPEG previews together. I don't see an option to do this in PSE Organizer. The option to suggest stacks on imports from camera doesn't work so well either.

6) Make the timeline more obvious. Took me a while to find it.

7) Facial recognition is neat, but I think it could be improved. As an example, I have thousands of photos I've already tagged with names from before PSE had facial recognition. Yet I get suggestions that are wrong. Couldn't the recognition engine use the existing tagging as a better indicator of who it could be in the photo?

8) Make it easier to navigate to the file in the Finder from the organizer thumbnail. Having to show properties and then click on the folder icon is one more step than if it were simply another entry in the context menu.

9) Videos could use better support. As it stands, I only see a thumbnail preview if I open the video and play it. And it uses a different preview window than photos which I find strange. Couldn't these video playback controls be integrated into the photo preview window?

10) So why do I use PSE Organizer? I really like the hierarchical tagging feature. That's by far the number one reason. Integration with some of the Photoshop editing features without having to launch Photoshop is also nice. Also, the timeline feature is handy.


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9 years ago

1. This is one of the multiple features currently missing on the Mac side when compared with the Windows version. We try to add in more of the Windows features in new versions on Mac, but version 10 only marks the second edition. The problem with such features is that they partly rely on the OS to supply some code, but Mac doesn't have a Windows equivalent , so we have to engineer it from scratch, which times some time.

2. Scrolling in the Organizer is kind of like scrolling in a spreadsheet application: one cell row at a time. This can make it kinda jerky and the performance unsure. I pretty much agree with you on this one.

3. Performance is relative, it's difficult to truly judge. It depends too much on the hard ware involved, software installed, configuration of said, and the files in use. Others may find different levels of performance. I never tried seriously to use iPhoto until I read your post... I'm not impressed by performance. I keep seeing that spinning wheel. But maybe that's just me.

4. I'm not sure I understand this one. What preview? Do you mean double-clicking a file so that it takes up the entire work space? That isn't a separate preview mode like you would have in iPhoto or something. Basically you've just zoomed in all the way so that the image takes up the entire space. If you use the zoom slider in Elements, moving it all the way to the right makes only one image display. In iPhoto, moving this all the way to the right will still display about 9 images. Double-clicking again will return you to the last zoom level you were at. Also, using Command + or - will zoom in or out.

Secondly, there are no forward and backward navigation buttons. Those left and right arrows in the upper left? They are more like undo and redo buttons. They are for going back and forward to the last changes you've made to your view. For example, if you just double-clicked on a file to zoom into it, clicking the left arrow will "undo" the zoom, returning you to your last view. The right arrow will now be available, so you can go back to the zoomed view. These buttons do have tool tips (if you hover over the button for a second). We already have too many complaints about small, unreadable text in this application, I'm afraid we will not be adding any such labels in the future.

5. What do you mean by "doesn't work so well"? Are you finding that the stack suggestion is not getting all of the RAW+JPEG pairs? Or are you getting more stacks than you bargained for? Or something else?

6. How would you suggest making it more obvious? For me, I often find it a nuisance and close it because it takes up too much space.

7. That is an interesting suggestion. I think we should run with that.

8. WOW! You are right. I'm so used to using the Properties window that I never though of using a context menu option or keyboard shortcut. Lightroom has this, Elements should have it too.

9. You should get a thumbnail preview before playing the video, that is kinda strange behavior that you are seeing. Perhaps it hasn't generated a thumbnail yet and you previewing it forces it to. As a little test, try right-click a video file and choose "Update Thumbnail" before previewing it, to see if that forces it.

Again, there is no separate preview window for images, you just zoom into them in the existing space.

10. Thank you for these comments.

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9 years ago

Actually, with suggestion #7...

When thinking about describing this to the engineers, it dawned on me that this wasn't very practical. You might get suggestions like "Flower" or "Mountain" or "New York". There isn't really away of telling the difference between a "name" keyword and other keywords, especially with some of the names kids are given these days (Apple, anyone?).

I figured the only logical conclusion is that it should only look at those keywords under the People Category.

Does that sound about like what you were looking for?

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That is, assuming users have not deleted the pre-built People category or have not created their own categories to put people tags into...

The more I think about this, the more limited and less practical it becomes (intuitive for a human yes, but for a computer, not so much), helping a smaller segment of people. Maybe you should let me know exactly how you envisioned this.

Also, are you aware of the Facebook friends option for Facial Recognition? That could be a big help.