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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 11:39 AM

Photoshop Elements 2021 crashes with Mac Mini M1

Photoshop Elements 2021 Organizer crashes with Mac Mini M1 OS Big Sur (e.g. when trying to re-connect missing images). The organizer is painfully slow (e.g. when scrolling in tiles view or selecting a different folder).

Can you give an estimate when M1 will be supported?

Will I have to wait for PSE 2022 or will there be an update in the next weeks/ months?


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15 days ago

Hi there maurice_mk,   

Keep in mind that I am not a Mac guy but I am a Windows guy and the same principals apply when it comes to developing apps and then OS that need to be compatible together. 

Also keep in mind, your OS was released in the same year (or perhaps after) Adobe Elements 2021 was released.

As a software engineer, I have always answered this kind of question with, 'if you want a sooner release of an update, go to your computer manufacturer and ask when they will be issuing an update for this app, or an updated 'proforma' that will work with two or more applications, for plugins, or for application/OS programming compatibility'.  Also, your OS may have a compatibility module to utilize which could fix this problem, like Windows has.  An update will correct the OS faster, and it could cover known apps released in the same year.    

In olden times (1980's to early 1990's), when we coordinated apps with the OS at Microsoft, we tested the apps with our Windows OS to make sure they work together and also tested apps and OS on different computer brands.  These days, Microsoft does not test for these.  That's because the DLL files (Dynamic Link Library in Windows) that accompany apps which should work with the OS actually come from the app manufacturer, as agreed in 1999, as all app manufacturers furnish DLL files that work between OS and apps.  Microsoft doesn't furnish those anymore, the app-companies do.  App companies agreed to do this because app manufacturers found more freedom and could increase their numbers of apps by making their own DLL files which connect between OS and app.

Also, this agreement allowed Microsoft to maintain the size of Windows to its usual 680k (called "the 680k barrier") which was modified for Windows 8 but failed, so it is maintained in Windows 10 so that app-companies can make their DLL files connect to Windows, to the same usual places in Windows.  

Some OS manufacturers want the freedom to code their OS with their own files, and leave the app-company who make their own compatible 'proforma code' for an OS to update to a newer app.  And then, a 'proforma' may come from OS manufacturers who want to be first to invent their updated-files to get more credit for something so they can sell to other OS makers.  So look to your Mac manufacturer.  They may have a OS contractor who will be interested in this.  

I am not sure if Mac makes all of their OS's or if OS's are contracted from other companies who work with your Mac manufacturer.  It would be more beneficial to Mac to have a lot of OS sub-contractors.  Most computer buyers wouldn't know of these type of companies who work with your Mac company.  

As for  Adobe, IF they are serving an update for this in particular, they may wait until the next release because, it is their own app, as they collect "wants" and "don't wants" for a year, Adobe can make a better Elements with new ideas collected for a year.  It makes sense for production to update yearly, which gives more time for development and testing.  Asking if they will develop an update, you might not get an answer until the next version of Elements.  

Also I should explain, that an OS has more room to work-in an updated file into its OS, and app DLL's come from the app developer but must go to the OS developer for testing as the process between companies can take longer than 2 years. 

Adobe Elements needs to adapt to plugins from other contractors who make them, and must have connectors between plugins and Adobe products.  

I always try to cover all the bases I can.  

Steve Lehman, mcse


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6 days ago

I guess we should look for a alternative software.  I know Davinci works