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Fri, May 20, 2016 12:09 PM

Photoshop Elements 10 crashing every time I make a change in File Info.

Hi everybody,
I have to assign keywords to my edited photos. And when I open File Info and hit OK, Photoshop Elements crashes. I have OS X EL CAPITAN 10.11.5. Both my software and Elements are up to date. I cleaned up space in the storage but that didn't work. The only plug-in I regularly use is Nik Collection. But it opens and closes without any problems, so I'm thinking it's can't be the problem. Can somebody please help me?


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5 y ago

I usually upload photos on Aperture and then open them in PS, but I noticed that whenever I use the button to open the photo using external editor, the PS crashes, while I have no problems when opening the file with right-click and then chose the PS option