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Mon, Mar 9, 2015 8:03 PM


Organizer - photo date taken

Organizer uses "date taken" or file date as internal date.
I have scanned and imported a lot of old Pictures, and try to set a "date" as realistic as possible for each Picture.

If I set a full date YYYY+MM+DD the date is written back to the file and everything is fine. If I know/guess Year only or a Year and Month then nothing is written back to the file and no warning or error message is given. Organizer keeps and displays what I have written, and everything seems ok, but if you ever have to restart and import Pictures again, then everything you ever found out about year (and month) is lost.

Time is the least significant part of the date/time field and may be omitted and in my world it would be totally logical to omit date and even month also. Can this please be changed in Organizer?
If it is not possible I would really like to see a warning if I do not enter a full date saying something like: "Warning - only a full legal date can be written back to file's metadata".


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3 m ago

I believe that PSE writes these values back into the photo metadata (EXIF or other).  The fields have specific formats and validation criteria.  So if you do not know the day, pick '01'.  Some software fill automatically insert a time value (either 00:00:00 or 12:00:00) if it is omitted.  I don't recall what PSE does if  you do not specify a time.