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Mon, Feb 4, 2019 8:51 PM


Organizer: Mark faces from existing People tags

I have many photos that have already been tagged with People, but not yet had the faces marked.  It would be very quick and easy to mark faces if I could just drag the People tag from that particular photo's existing "Image Tags" directly on top of the face I want to mark with that name.  This "drag and tag" process could also be used for People tags that haven't yet been assigned to that photo. I would think it might work such that as you drag a particular People tag and hover the mouse over a face in the photo, the program would highlight a circle around that face and if the user clicks, then that People tag would be applied to that face. 

Related to this, when the facial recognition offers a suggestion for a particular face, I wish it would also list the other People tags in that photo that haven't yet been assigned a face, as a "short-list" for suggestions.  I have some similar faces and it gets very annoying when the facial recognition keeps offering other suggestions that don't include the name that I have already tagged for that photo. 


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2 years ago

Interesting ideas Christina! I use Facial Recognition on PSE 2018 quite a lot. I find it useful but I hope that the software will get better as time passes. I hope someone with knowledge of this topic can assist.