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Mon, Sep 2, 2019 8:41 PM

Organizer after zoom exit

I have a folder with 1000 images. Using zoom F11 or F12 on image 999 and then pressing escape you will end up at the top image 1. When I exit zoom the current selected/viewed image and position should be image 999 and nothing else. 


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a year ago

Same problem. Need Adobe resolution! See other similar complaints.



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a year ago

This request has been asked many times for more than ten years...
See 'Related Conversations' in the right panel.
I am pretty sure there will be no change of the behavior of the full screen mode.
If you want to examine your files in full screen rapidly, rather use the welcome screen, the organizer and the editor open at the same time. Scrolling in the organizer with single image view for a first level selection, opening one, two or more files for side by side comparison in the editor. Use the option to 'allow floating documents in expert mode' in your preferences. I never need the full screen mode for fast and detailed comparisons.