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Sat, Sep 1, 2018 12:32 PM

Möglichkeit im Organizer ganze Fotosequenzen gleichzeitig zu beschriften.

Ich finde keine Möglichkeit im Organizer ganze Fotosequenzen gleichzeitig mit einer Überschrift , Beschreibung, Ersteller, ... zu beschriften. Es fehlt die Funktion wie sie im Editor für eine einzelne Datei vorhanden ist.




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2 years ago

Those IPTC tags can be assigned to a batch of selected items in the Organizer.
In the 'Information panel' on the right panel, highlight several files, click on the button 'Modify IPTC Info', you'll get the same panel as in the editor.
Note that the information is written in the files metadata header, but it's not updated in the catalog.

Also remember that the author and copyright data can be added as an option in the dowloader (advanced dialog).
You can also save a template to be used at import time.
The above batch dialog is also handy to delete keywords in the files themselves.