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Sun, Mar 25, 2012 7:25 PM


How to migrate from Photoshop Album to Photoshop Elements

I have all of my pictures stored in Adobe photshop album starter edition 3.2, i bought i new computer and installed photoshop elements 10. i have imported a few pictures as a test and the only info that is transfering is the caption. im not getting my tage or notes. this posses a big problem as i have 40,000+ pictures. i have attached 2 screen shots of the new and old. PLEASE HELP ME


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8 years ago

All of your Keyword Tags and Notes, etc, are stored in the Photoshop Album catalog file. The best way to bring this information over to Photoshop Elements is to convert the catalog.

In Elements Organizer, go to File > Catalog and click the Convert button. Search for your Album catalog file and convert it. Then open the converted catalog in Photoshop Elements. More information is available here: Common catalog issues | Upgrade | Elements 6 or later Organizer

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3 months ago

Elements 2020 doesn't seem to recognize my Photoshop Album catalog.  Did that ability get lost over the last 8 years?



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3 months ago

The 'album' organizer is an old (20 years) software based on the Microsoft Access database which has been later integrated in the Windows version of Photoshop Elements (I still have PSE4 with the organizer, I don't remember if PSE2 had it). From PSE6 on, the organizer switched to an sqlite database, and in PSE14 (sept 2015), a new format was introduced for 64 bits.

So, you have two conversions to do, the first one to convert old Access database to Sqlite, and the second to convert from 32 bits to 64 bits. Yes, it is possible if you install the intermediate converter to transform the catalog.psa file into a catalog.psedb for PSE13, then PSE2020 will convert it to its catalog.pse18db current format.