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Sun, Aug 21, 2016 5:27 AM

Elements worked great, but lately it just hangs and then stops

Elements worked great for awhile (on my new MacPro) but recently it hangs up every time I open it.  It either hangs or stops. I can't use it.  And I NEED to use it. How can Adobe fix this for me?


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4 years ago

Hi Cathleen,

We would be glad to help you fix this problem. I would require certain information around your catalog.

1. Which version of Elements are you using?
2. Is your catalog new or a converted one from previous versions? If converted, then from which version?
3. What kind of files are there in your catalog regarding file formats, source of import?
4. Approximate size of the catalog.
5. Any particular scenario where you always face this issue.

Please provide your findings around these points.