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Wed, Feb 12, 2020 7:27 PM

Elements: Tick/cancel buttons obscure new text entry when using Text tool

Coming from Photoshop Elements 7 to Photoshop Elements 2020, I was surprised to see the 'tick'/'cancel' buttons on the text entry area when using the Text tool.  I was even more surprised (and dismayed) to see that they obscure the text as I'm typing it in, and I can't move them out of the way! This is a blunder by the software designers, and I can't believe no-one else has complained about it.  Apart from that everything else about PE2020 is great.




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8 months ago

PSE7 is an old version, which explains why your did not find any post about that behaviour (from PSE11 ?).
As a matter of fact, in recent versions, the position of the tick/cancel buttons has been improved from the initial location; they were initially always outside the text box, on the bottom right if I remember well. The workaround was simple: create the text box first with enough space for the boxes, and move it down afterwards. The current choice lets you type and the tick/cancel buttons stay inside the text boxes. Even if the text is temporarily and partially hidden while typing, you don't need the previous workaround to move the text box. I have not seen any complaint after that interface change.