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Fri, May 10, 2019 4:46 PM

Elements: Slideshow caption UNDER photo

When my mum died in 2004, I scanned thousands of family photos andcaptioned each one with the year and identified the family members on photossome over 100 years old.

It took me 6 months.  I had PSE v4 and used it to createlots of slideshows each representing different sections of the family.  Atthe time, I discovered how to amend the code to change the text size and thecolour to yellow so it was still legible over white.

What I really wanted, was not to have to change the code butalso to put the text NOT on the photo but in a footer beneath the photo,exactly as it is when looking in the organizer.  It seemed mad to me thatthis was not possible.

I've moved on.  A) I've retired and B) I'm on v8. Now I've got more time to add to the slideshows and redo some.

v8 has a screen to change the font, font size and font colourBUT it can't put the caption in a footer.  It still pastes it right acrossthe photos.  Oh, I can centre it, but I can't even tell it to put it atthe very bottom.

Worse still, I now understand that v2018 and v2019 will notoutput the existing caption text at all !

So a few questions - 
a) What is the last PSE version which outputs the captiontext in a slideshow (please don't bother telling me I can manually re-enter adhoc captions on thousands of photos) ?
b) Can that version successfully import captions from v8 withthe photos so I don't have to re-enter at all ?

c) Does that version adjust have a global adjustment to thefont which enable neat and tidy captions on all the photos ?

d) Is there a code amendment or similar which would enablecaption text to output in a footer below the photo in a slideshow ?  (onv8 or a later version)

e) Can anyone point me towards some other software (notnecessarily Adobe) which would allow me to create a slideshow with captions ina footer beneath the photo ?   And can PSE v8 captions be exported /imported into it correctly ?  (And can my many photo tags also arriveintact ?)
I've been waiting for 15 years for Adobe to do what I simplyconsider to be completing the job of making a proper slideshow function. It looks as if they have given up on domestic users.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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