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Thu, Oct 23, 2014 3:03 AM


Elements: Slide show flexibility mostly gone in vs. 13!

I purchased Elements and Premiere Elements vs. 13, assuming it would have many improvements over my previous vs. 8. After many hours of trying to figure out how to create the slide shows I was trying to create - one of the main reasons I purchased the software - I am told (via forum) that vs. 13 only allows slide shows in one of 5 limited "themes"; none of the flexibility in editing slideshows that was present in vs. 12 and prior!! This in spite of the fact that the downloadable pdf Manual provides detailed description and photos on how to edit slideshows; which is apparently based on vs. 12 - so why is it in the Manual if it doesn't apply?! Also, none of the literature I can find on what was NOT retained in vs. 13, addresses this critical loss of functionality at all. I can only hope that Adobe plans to fix this omission rapidly; or am I dreaming?? Certainly gives me a bad taste starting out, with what otherwise is no doubt a good product.

Also, I don't find any instructions on how to save a slideshow created in Elements, to a dvd - even though I DO also have Premiere Elements, and again according to instructions, I should be able to do this. The Slide Show Creator only offers options to export to an mp4 file or to Facebook; neither of which is helpful for my purposes.

Premiere Elements does give me flexibility, and I was finally able to create a slideshow there, with great patience; but it's tremendously slow and easily gets bogged down - may be treating each photo as if its a video or something - since it's geared to videos rather than still shots.

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