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Sun, Sep 30, 2018 5:25 PM

Elements Organizer : Too Many Issues with Places Integration to Google Maps

Background of Problem

I do not like to raise problems with products, but in this case I feel the problems I have identified are fundamental, and I hope they are directed to the product developers for resolution in a future release of the products.  I would like to note that having only used Elements Organizer 2018, the problems I am raising is do not relate to upgrading from a previous version.  The problems relate to the integration of the "Places" functionality with Google maps, and may affect other products that utilise similar functionality?

Geotagging, and the "Places" functionality, is important to me and other travel photographers.  Many of the photos in my collection have been taken whilst travelling, for example whilst touring on my motorcycle I often spontaneously stop to capture photos of the scenery, interesting architecture, etc... The GPS co-ordinates are saved in the Photos by my Camera, and when I get home I am able to work out the Place I have been to and attempt to Tag in Elements Organizer.

The problems I am encountering are (a) the Tag hierarchy is inconsistent (and certainly does not comply with the IPTC standards), (b) the GPS position moves after a "Place" has been allocated to a photo which aligns with the position of the corresponding label on Google maps, and worst still, (c) the command "Save Metadata to File" overwrites the "original" GPS Coordinates with the position of the Google map label!

Problem (a) - Tag Hierarchy

The tag hierarchy derives from Google maps and is inconsistent, and also does not comply with the IPTC standard of Country, State / Province, Location, Sub-Location.

Further details of this problem can be found on the user forum at

Whilst I accept that the IPTC do not control the content of these fields, I have pictures that have been taken in very close proximity (only metres apart confirmed by the GPS co-ordinates) and yet a completely different tag hierarchy has been created by the "Places".  In several "Places" only the Country & State are recognised.

Whilst it maybe argued that the Places Tag hierarchy structure is not intended to replicate the IPTC fields, the "auto creation" of another hierarchy adds further confusion, and complicates users from searching for and finding relevant photos.

I believe the solution is either to allow the Tag Hierarchy to be edited, or to collaborate with Google Maps so that consistent information is extracted into the Catalogue.

It would also be useful if the tag hierarchy could be imported into the catalogue from the corresponding IPTC fields.

Problem (b) - GPS Co-ordinates Move

Once a photo has been assigned a Place, the position of the photo on the Google Maps moves to the position of the corresponding label of the Place on Google maps.  When the "Save Metadata to File" is then used the "original" GPS coordinates are overwritten.

Further detail of this problem can be found on the user forum at

in the above thread (follow the hyperlink), I have used an example of a geographically large area such as Hyde Park in London, or Central Park in New York to illustrate this problem.  Over the summer I rode along the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, a 48Km long mountain road in Austria with stunning views.  All the pictures now show the same location within the catalogue :(  Thankfully I haven't saved the metadata in the catalogue back to the files ...

Problem (c) - "Save to Metadata to File"

When the metadata is saved to the file, the "original" GPS coordinates, if the existed, will be overwritten the "pseudo" GPS coordinates of the position of the label that corresponds to the "Place" on google map.  Before committing the metadata it would be useful to have a confirmation box that compares the "Before" and "After" differences.  This suggestion is also discussed in the following link.

Further detail of this problem can be found on the user forum at

I am now losing confidence in the Elements Organizer products to manage my photo collection.


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