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Fri, Sep 6, 2019 12:10 AM

Elements Organizer: Pictures from iPhone do not show up in the correct order in the uploader window

I've used multiple versions of Photoshop Elementsfor ~15 years, mostly for how well the Organizer feature has always made quickand easy work of.....organizing. 

Hererecently it's become incredibly frustrating to try and import pictures from aniPhone though.  None of the pictures showup in the correct order in the uploader window, making the task of uploadingphotos from a single event/day a painstaking event.  I've used an iPhone with Elements for years without this issue so I don't understand why it would have suddenly started for me.  I haven't updated the software on my phone in over 2 years, so I don't think a recent update there would be the cause, and I just upgraded to Elements 2019 hoping that it might fix the issue, but still no luck.

I've spoken with Tech Support about this(Thank you Ajay, you're always super helpful) and I understand this has to do with how the iPhone changesthe modified date of the picture and that Adobe has no control over that, but surely something can be done to make the upload feature ofthe Organizer the efficient tool it has always been when used with the most popular camera phone in the world....  Perhaps an option could be added to the Uploader that allows you to sort/view the pictures based on the different dates that can be found in the meta-data (e.g. Date Created, Date Modified, etc.)

Please please look into this.  I understand the program is working as designed, but the design no longer meets the market.  If an upgrade can't be developed for this I'm afraid I'm going to have to look elsewhere for a photo organization solution, despite my long history with Adobe.




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2 y ago

Even if I am not a Mac user, I would like to help.
First, let's make it right:
the most popular camera phone in the world....  


Can you describe exactly what has changed lately in the way dates are stored in your camera images? Does it mean that the 'date_taken' type of date are stored differently in the metadata of your files?
Or is it the lack of flexibility of the downloader to sort by the correct date type to help selecting files?