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Fri, Oct 4, 2019 2:31 PM

Elements Organizer: Muddled sequence of JPEG and RAW

When new photos are imported into Organizer 2019 (17.0., Windows 10, German) the sequence of the corresponding JPG and RAW files is mixed up due to an inexplicable difference in the time stamp, e.g. P1008001.jpg 08:31 and P1008001.rw2 09:31. This happens despite the fact that the two versions belong to one picture, taken e.g. at 08:31. Hence, when sorted by date P1008001.jpg is followed by a series of other photos before P1008001.rw2 appears due to the alleged one hour time gap. 
This problem is quite new and I wonder whether it might be explained with the latest Camera RAW update ( Apart from that, Organizer 2020 shows the same behaviour.


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